A very young Jaime Aragall.
'NOT in front of the Madonna!'
Cavaradossi:  'In front of the Madonna?'
Tosca:  'She's so understanding - but give her DARK eyes!'
Concert in Verona, 8th August, 1988.
Concert in Verona, 8th August, 1988.
Giacomo Aragall - Lucia di Lammermoor.
Giacomo Aragall - Lucia di Lammermoor
Giacomo Aragall
Giacomo Aragall
Jaime Aragall in Werther in Barcelona
Jaime Aragall in Vienna
Jaime Aragall as Don Carlo.
James Aragall receiving the gold medal of the Lyceum and the plate as the best tenor of the 1966-1967 season, Barcelona Radio award
Jaime Aragall as the Duke in Rigoletto, 1970.
As Rodolfo in La Boheme.
As the Duke in Rigoletto
As the Duke in Rigoletto
As Cavaradossi, in Tosca with Maria Gencer.
Jaime Aragall
Jaime Aragall with pet cat, Pedro.
Jaime Aragall at the piano.
Jaime Aragall
Tosca, with Mara Zampieri.
Jaime Aragall, 1985.
Jaime Aragall
Jaime Aragall and Lleana Cotrubas, La Boheme 1978, San Francisco.
Jaime Aragall in Esclarmonde with Joan Sutherland, 1974.
Jaime Aragall and Nancy Shade in Faust, 1976, San Francisco.
Jaime Aragall with Lleana Cotrubas, La Boheme 1978, San Francisco.
Jaime Aragall and Lleana Cotrubas, La Boheme 1978 San Francisco.
Jaime Aragall with Joan Sutherland in Esclarmonde, 1974, San Francisco.
L to R:  Alfredo Kraus, Jaime Aragall, Luciano Pavarotti, Jose Carreras.
With Ana Maria Gonzalez, 1991.
With Ana Maria Gonzalez, 1991.
L to R. Jaime Aragall, Luciano Pavarotti, Jose Carreras and Katia Ricciarelli, 1975 USA.
Royal Concert, 1991.
Royal Concert with Ana Maria Gonzalez, 1991.
As Romeo.
Jaime Aragall with Montserrat Caballe.
Jaime Aragall with Jose Carreras.
With Luciano Pavarotti (middle - obscured) Jose Carreras, Katia Ricciarelli and an unknown lady.  Photographed in San Francisco by Henry Grossman.
From The Card Players series, photographed in San Francisco by Henry Grossman.
Katia Riccarielli and score card, photographed in San Francisco by Henry Grossman.
La Traviata
Tosca, with Aprile Milo.
Jaime Aragall
In 'La Boheme'.
With Jose Carreras.
From the collection of Jose Nararro
As Roland in Esclarmonde with Dame Joan Sutherland.
With Mirella Freni at the Liceu, Barcelona in La Boheme.
With Paul Plishka in Faust at the Liceu.
In Werther, 1975.
As Ricardo, with Joan Pons.
In Simon Boccanegra at the Liceu, 1989 with Anna Tomowa Sintow and Piero Cappuccilli.
Jaime Aragall with the Catalan soprano, Rosa Maria Ribas.
Don Carlo 1984 Orange
Don Carlo, 1984 Orange
With Carmen Hernandez, Barcelona, 1982.
Jaime Aragall, Liceu
Jaime with Placido Domingo
Lucia Di Lammermoor
Jaime Aragall's mother and father.
La Favorita
Madame Butterfly
With Montserrat Caballe
With his friend, Alfredo Kraus.
With his friend and colleague Luciano Pavarotti , I Capuleti e i Montecchi, 1968.
With his friend and colleague Luciano Pavarotti , I Capuleti e i Montecchi, 1968.
Jaime with Jose Carreras
Jaime giving a Master Class in Vienna May/June, 2013.
Jaime as Faust.
As Rodolfo in 'La Boheme', 1969.
Jaime Aragall and Gena Dimitrova, Don Carlo 1984.
Tosca in Napoli, 1982-83
Dedicated to his friend, the singer Mario Gugga,1990.
Jaime Aragall, Piero Cappucilli La Scala 1970
Jaime Aragall Paris 1982
With Dame Joan Sutherland in 'Esclarmonde'.
Reunion - Giacomo Aragall.
By Rudolph S. Rauch for Opera News Online, May 2006.  Interview with Jaime (Giacomo) Aragall.
Guide to the pronounciation of Jaime's name (Jaume Aragall i Garriga) in Catalan 
Excellent site on Facebook dedicated to Giacomo (Jaime) Aragall. 
Concurs Internacional de Cant - Jaume Aragall here to add text.
CDVD Toscaadd text.
CDVD dd text.
This site is by a fan, for fans. No infringement upon, or connection with,  the private life and work of Señor Aragall  is intended.  This page was created as a tribute to Señor Aragall, and no profit is made from it.
Behind the scenes at the Gran Teatre del Liceu at rehearsals for La Boheme with Jaume Aragall and Mirella Freni (30 minute video)
Jaume Aragall and Joan Manuel Serrat sing 'Words of Love' for the 'Help Africa Hear' Fundraising Appeal (34 seconds )
Radio Interview with Jaume Aragall about the 'Help Africa Hear' Fundraising Appeal (approx 9 minutes)
DVD Don Carlo  (Amazon Com.)
"I loved him.  He was the most real of all the tenors," said Richard Bonynge.  "There was nothing phony about his performances. Something always happened when he was onstage. You could believe in him utterly, apart from the fact that the voice itself was very, very beautiful.  It had a quality that touched the heart, and you were never conscious of technique or anything.  It was a very big lyric voice. But really lyric - very sort of silvery, but round, and affecting.  It got to you." 

      Extract from  'Reunion:  Giacomo Aragall',ll
          by Rudolf S. Rauch, May, 2006."

International & VAI Audio 
Aragall Appreciation Society 
Excellent Facebook site which celebrates Jaume Aragall's contribution to music
DVD Don Carlo (Amazon U.K.)
Premiere Opera
Excellent site for Jaime Aragall DVDs and CDsck here to add text.
Jaume Aragall - Cara a Cara - Interview 1st May, 1998 re Opera at Sabadell
Interesting Interview with Jaime Aragall  by Javier Nicolás 2nd June, 1991
Programme from Barcelona Radio about Jaume Aragall - in Catalank here to add text.
"An evening with Teresa Berganza and Jaume Aragall"
interview from 2009, broadcast in three weekly parts: Part 1 of 3 (1/2/2009)
An evening with Teresa Berganza and Jaume Aragall"
interview from 2009, broadcast in three weekly parts: Part 2 of 3 (8/2/2009)
An evening with Teresa Berganza and Jaume Aragall"
interview from 2009, broadcast in three weekly parts: Part 3 of 3 (15/2/2009)
Brief biography of Jaume Aragall at All Music
Brief biography of Jaume Aragall at Naxos
Wonderful release containing some of Aragall's greatest live recordings from 1966-1977.  Most highly recommended.
(Bongiovanni, Italy Disc. No. 1223-2) 
Aragall Canta on the Discmedi label - One CD (import)
Giacomo Aragall's Private Master Classes - at 2Wise Artist Management.
Newly released from Jaume Aragall - Un Mon Meravellos (What a Wonderful World). 
Label: DiscMedi S.A.
Copyright: 2012 Discmedi
Asin:   B00A8NJIAW  (released 27th November, 2012)
Un Mon Meravellos is also available from Discmedi Blau
Jaime Aragall-Romanzas De Zarzuelas [CD]
Jaume Aragall:  Video Interview in Barcelona 2013 (30 minutes)text.
Masterclass in Wien 25 February - 1 March, 2014
Concurs Jaume Aragall on Facebook
Bar Aragall in the Stephansplatz, Vienna
Jaume Aragall - article in Apropos Musik for his 75th Birthday
PAVAROTTI ABOUT ARAGALL - Luciano Pavarotti says that Jaume Aragall was the best of his time.
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June 23, 2015 6:49 pm

Vienna Opera Director Dominique Meyer presented the Spanish tenor Jaime Aragall with the Cross of Honour for Science and Art First Class this afternoon in the tea room of the Vienna State Opera. 

Dominique Meyer stated that Aragall was one of Vienna's most favourite singers, his intense interpretations of the roles of Verdi, Puccini and also his des Grieux in Massenet's 'Manon' were unforgettable and without peer, before or since.   Aragall has appeared in 431 performances of 'La Boheme' (Rodolfo) and 163 performances of 'La Traviata' (Alfredo) in Vienna.
Jaime with good friends Placido Domingo, Juan Pons and Jose Bros.
Aragall Master Class:   Video
Conducting a Masterclass, 201515
The house in Barcelona where Senor Aragall was born
Jaime with Teresa Berganza, Montserrat Caballe, Placido Domingo,                              Jose Carreras and Juan Pons.
Winners of the sixth Alfredo Kraus international singing competition.

Grand Canary Winners of the Alfredo Kraus sixth international singing competition.

Grand Canary has revealed  the three new young talents of lyric singing. After 18 years, the island has regained the Alfredo Kraus international singing competition, an initiative that is held by Grand Canary, which is presided over by Antonio Morales, and the Alfredo Kraus international foundation, chaired by Rosa Kraus. At the final gala, held this Friday, 29 September in the Alfredo Kraus auditorium, Las Palmas, Grand Canary, the official jury, chaired by the tenor Jaime Aragall, presented the following awards: first prize, baritone Carles Pachón (Spain) second prize, the tenor Galeano Salas (Mexico-USA) third prize, the Soprano Leonor Bonilla (Spain) in addition, the 
Vi Cicak awarded the public award to the Soprano Leonor Bonilla and the award for best Spanish singer was granted by the municipality of Las Palmas Grand Canary, to the baritone Carles Pachón. The Gala consisted of eleven finalists, accompanied by the Philharmonic orchestra of Grand Canary, under the direction of Concert master José Miguel Pérez-Sierra.  

 © Nacho González text.
A favourite saying of Maestro Aragall.
Jaume Aragall is an opera singer and cat lover. We review with him remarkable moments of his professional career, his sensitivity and the relation that he has with the felines
Masterclass in Wien June, 2018.
Welcome letter of Jaume Aragall to X Concurs Internacional de Cant
Young singers learn from one of the greats of the opera world daily by one. Chamber Singers Aragall is giving a master class in Vienna. 

Master class Opera with a final concert in Vienna
Master class from the 9-13.9.2019, daily from 14:00
Closing concert 14.9.2019 start: 17:00
Bank Austria salon in the Altes Rathaus
1010 Vienna, Wipplinger Straße 6-8, 1st floor

Artists / performers
Chamber singer Prof. Dr. Jaime Aragallall, pianist: Anna Crexells
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 The Jaume Aragall Foundation celebrated the 80th birthday of tenor Jaume Aragall on Thursday, June 6, the exact date of the anniversary, and did so with a dinner-concert as a tribute at the Hotel España in Barcelona. The evening was presented by the journalist and musical and theatre critic Javier Pérez Senz, a collaborator of ÓPAO ACTUAL since its foundation..

The event was attended by the family of Jaime Aragall and several fellow colleagues of the singer, such as the tenor Josep Carreras, the soprano and manager Mirna Lacambra and the journalist Dolors Busquets. During the dinner there were performances by the soprano Maria Miró, from the mezzo Anna Tobella, from the tenors Samuel Peláez and Carles Ortiz and from the baritone Eduard Moreno, all students from Aragall.

Considered one of the most important tenors of his generation, Jaime Aragall - also known internationally as Giacomo Aragall - was renowned for the beauty of his timbre, for the elegance of his singing line and for a wide repertoire that during his career moved from the romantic bel canto to the late Verdi, Puccini and verismo . CURRENT OPERA AWARD 2007, Aragall has also been one of the most beloved singers and admired by the high school students and by the Barcelona and international fans in general, who have always supported and cheered him in their performances. Congratulations, teacher!  And all best wishes for many happy returns of the day!ck here to add text.
Jaime - Masterclass Vienna 2019.